Price Quotes

The image above displays the application that enables a user to manage the data and transmit price quotes to current and prospective clients via Email, Fax, or an Internet Fax service like eFax.   The version pictured here enables the user to manage the data necessary for a price quote including customers, vendors, product source location, customer destination location, product costs, additional charges, freight, markup, and profit.  It also enables the user to transmit the price quotes interactively or to arrange their transmission periodically using a date and time schedule that the user specifies.  If the user specifies the use of scheduled transmissions, they can be performed by the system automatically without any required interaction by the user.  The Rate Quote Transmission Manager also stores a historical record of all price quotes transmitted to a customer.  This historical record can be used to track sales and create invoices from within an accounting system like Intuit's QuickBooks.  We have developed a custom user interface extension to the QuickBooks environment for just this very purpose.